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Bring Your Dog to Work Day

by Janice Walker -  Commercial Copywriter 

On Friday 26th June 2015 the second Bring Your Dog to Work Day takes place and businesses across the whole of the UK will welcome the pampered pooches of their employees into the workplace. All proceeds raised this year will go to the charity All Dogs Matter, who rehome hundreds of dogs every year in London, Norfolk and the surrounding areas. As scientific studies have shown that the presence of pets can significantly reduce stress levels in staff, boost morale and encourage improved teamwork, all conducive to improved productivity and ultimately profits, isn’t it time your workplace joined in?  

You are probably already aware that, here at The Write Impression we already have a canine member of the team; Kate’s adorable Golden Retriever, Pippa, often joins us for the day. She is very well behaved in the office until about four o’clock when she feels she has put in quite enough hours and spends the next hour telling anyone who will listen that is way past home time. As most of us secretly agree with Pippa on that score, we don’t really mind her occasional barking, and we have all learned how to type with her nudging our arms off the keyboard at regular intervals.

Pippa is a rescue dog, and my own family has recently welcomed Tess, a beautiful ten-month old German Shepherd, who is also a rescue, into our home. Fortunately she gets on well with Pippa and when she has mastered the art of behaving impeccably in public she may, if I can bribe Kate with enough chocolate bars, be joining us in the office on occasions. Hopefully it won’t be long before we are posting photos of Pippa and Tess completing the filing and proofing our work on The Write Impression’s social media.

For further information about the rescue charity, All Dogs Matter, visit their website:  and for details of this year’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day visit: .If you take your dog to work on 26th June, we’d love to hear about it and see a photo at The Write Impression or Facebook.

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