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A fortnight taster in the world of PR

Fifteen year-old Ashley Foster spent his two-week work experience placement at The Write Impression this summer, so of course we asked him to write about his experiences. Ashley, who wants to study drama when he leaves school, already has an impressive resume, with leading parts in the 2012 movie Woman in Black, Doctor Who and the BBC drama Blandings.

Ashley’s five-star review of The Write Impression….
During my time at The Write Impression, I have learnt many things like how to work from nine to five, and to how to overcome certain challenges when you have to think for yourself in the workplace.
What else have I learnt? I have discovered how companies can use social media for self-promotion, for example using Facebook and Twitter to communicate to networking groups and possible clients. Similarly, I have learnt that you need to research information before you start writing, which can often take as long as the actual writing.

  Also, I have learnt that when using statistics you need to cross reference them to make sure the information isn’t incorrect, yet it’s good to have more than one statistic if possible within a piece of writing.
Whilst working here, I wrote a blog about the Essex BIG Business Boost ‘Disabled Entrepreneur Award’, This award was very interesting researching about because I leant some new things like how many people in the UK who own a business whilst being disabled, plus how they could win around £2000 and also get free support from entering a free competition with the Essex Big Business Boost. Whilst creating this piece of writing it was very interesting to find out that statistics can help make a post more prominent and enticing for readers which are a good thing to know for any PR work in the future.

Secondly, I wrote a blog for The Big Business Boost’s ’Young Entrepreneur Award’ and why they should have this award in the first place, especially for young adults who have an amazing business idea are only 16-30 year old but I also wrote about certain people who have a business of their own at the age of 16 which was very shocking learning about.

 These two pieces are being put onto the Essex Big Business Boost website which is a great personal experience knowing that they are there for people to read but I did find it difficult as I needed to write around 300 words, which this is sometimes hard to do as it can be a struggle to put everything you want down whilst keeping to around 300 words and making sure it all makes sense.
Also, I wrote another blog for The Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea) about their virtual offices and how beneficial they are for people who are starting a small business and may need the support from business advisors which Colbea offer with a meeting room which can be used whenever you would like and a much needed registered address.   

As I spoke about before, I worked on the social media for The Big Business Boost, posting onto networking group’s walls and sending them direct messages on Twitter about the competition and how to enter.

I can definitely say that my work experience has been very beneficial to me. I have learnt a great deal of things from a very good team of people who communicate well and are all able to have a laugh when necessary. Furthermore, they have taught me that a job doesn’t need to be a boring or negative experience. You need to stay positive, in order to make a well working and enjoyable environment, whilst being efficient and completing all the work.


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