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Giving back to the Women in Business Community

Having worked as in journalism and publishing industry for 20 years, Kate Everett founded TWI – a full-service marketing agency on the Essex/Suffolk border – in 2009.

After eight years of running her own business, alongside two decades of industry experience, Kate knows what it takes to start, grow and maintain a successful business from the ground up, and how to help new business owners maximise their (often limited) marketing resources.

Kate uses this experience to provide to support the next generation of business owners by delivering marketing workshops at a number of (often free) business courses across Suffolk and Essex.

Most recently Kate has been appointed as an official course trainer on ‘In the Market for Success’, a FREE* business start-up programme funded by Natwest and delivered by the Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (COLBEA).

During her workshop, Kate has been helping aspiring female entrepreneurs to plan an achievable marketing roadmap by sharing the how-tos and must-haves of marketing, such as brand guidelines, PR, e-marketing, establishing a website and more. Alongside presenting marketing do’s and don’ts Kate, and fellow members of TWI, have stayed in touch with a number of attendees, offering advice and answering questions arising from the ever-changing world of marketing.

Talking about the challenges of marketing a business, Kate says, “My business isn’t even a decade old and, while the principles of marketing always remain the same, in that time everything from the methods to the platforms we use have changed so much.

“The digital marketplace provides such fantastic opportunities for marketing a business directly to a target audience, but it never stands still! We are experts, but we are constantly developing, testing and training in what we do, in new ideas, concepts and methods of delivery, to ensure we stay ahead of the game!

“This constant development is one of the key messages I try to get across when working with new business owners – everything is changing all the time – so measuring the tangible success of your marketing efforts is vital! “Find out what works and repeat” may be a simple adage in marketing, but assuming the same old methods will always continue to be successful, without monitoring, sets a dangerous precedent and leaves your business vulnerable to a waste of precious marketing resources and even sudden falls in demand.”

*In the Market for Success includes a £60 deposit, refundable on completion of the course

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