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Sea, sand and sun. How does this affect your communications?

Summer is upon us, meaning those couple of weeks of relaxation in the sun or lazy days on the sofa are within reach. We’re all counting down the days, the hours (maybe even the minutes) until the computers can be shut down and the office will be a distant memory.

As you dream about the golden sand, reality will hit that the summer period affects all businesses in one way or another. The idea of forgetting about all those ‘to-do lists’ until you’ve landed back into reality should probably remain just an idea; as calls don’t get answered, emails don’t get replied to and work begins to pile up with clients starting to think you’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. Try not to worsen the holiday blues when you return, and have everything (well as much as possible) run smoothly whilst your absence in the office is at the back of your mind, behind contemplating what cocktail is next.

Without having the worry on your shoulders of whether or not clients are going to forget you ever existed whilst your thousands of miles away, others are always available to carry out those vital ‘to-do lists’. Whilst you and your fellow employees are taking a break, columns are freeing up and the chances of you improving your PR brighten by the day. Why not make the most of summer and don’t let your work take a holiday-with regular opportunities to snap up fantastic editorial positions with great stories.

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