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Sharing the love on Facebook and Twitter

With increasing vigour, social media has made successful attempts to ensure that businesses are making the most out of its services. Facebook is the worlds’ largest social media network, it’s free (technically anyway), simple to use and everyone seems to be part of it, but are you sharing enough with your audience?

A recent study on why Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares are so important found that 70% of consumers trust brand recommendations from friends, while only 10% trust advertising. Suggesting that if someone notices that a friend has shared how great The Write Impression’s services are, then this person would be more enticed to use the service through a personal recommendation over any digital or print advertising.

Undoubtedly, liking a page on Facebook is the most convenient form of interaction a person can partake in; after all, all they have to do is click a single button and then move on. What are thousands of Likes achieving for your business? It’s difficult to quantify. On the other hand, having your post shared by say just 100 followers gives you the potential to reach many thousands of people – that’s pretty powerful marketing.

Similarly Twitter offers companies great opportunities that are as simple as Facebook shares. Re-tweeting other users’ content, or having your content re-tweeted is a simple way of developing initial contact, or promoting your Twitter account and thus your business.

All in a simple click….

Remember, it’s up to you to interact with your followers and inspire them with interesting posts and offers in the same way you would dress a shop window. Engaging with your followers on a daily basis will pay noticeable dividends.

If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, then sharing on Facebook and re-tweeting on Twitter is simple and fun, and managed properly it’s a non-time consuming activity that can easily spread your business profile and its content to a huge audience. Are you making the most of this great opportunity?

Yes, we know we didn’t cover LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Bing, Instagram, Foursquare, Reddit, Google+ but we wanted to keep it simple!  

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