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Web Content. Less is sometimes more

Navigating unknown websites can sometimes be frustrating, especially when finding the right area of the site proves difficult. The addition of unnecessary pages filled with information that is there to just fill space lengthens the process further.

In 2014, the number of active mobile devices and human beings both passed the 7.19 billion mark, with the numbers of mobile devices multiplying five times faster than the world’s population. And as visiting websites on mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers remains an entirely varying experience, your visitors want to be able to search more easily and locate what they are looking for faster than ever. That means ensuring your web content is suitable for both devices; by removing unnecessary information or by editing so pages are not too crammed. The content on your site needs to be appealing, clear and most importantly specific to you and your business.

Persuading web visitors to take action, whether it’s by reading on or purchasing your product is a difficult task; especially as web copy is generally scanned or glanced at. Making quick decisions without thinking can be the downfall of many businesses when visitors simply don’t have the time or patience to read through pages of rambling information. So, how can you ensure your site and its content will entice and enthuse? Consider these simple tips when writing your web content:

 - Make it simple – Don’t overcomplicate with lots of options – your visitors may want to make a quick decision.

 - Put your most important information first – information that’s most important to your web visitors is often a simple statement of what you have to offer, and once they understand that they may be persuaded to click through.

 - Write for scanners – make sure your headline communicates what you’re about, your sub headlines summarise your key points and also include easy-to-scan bullet points.

 - Use familiar words – carewords are the words people are looking for so include these in your content.

 - Make a visual impression – increasing the visual appeal of your web copy through different font sizes, replacing text with photographs or using highlights.

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